The Spirit of The Blood

The Spirit of the Blood

Interpreting Laboratory Tests Through the Lens of Chinese Medicine, by Dr. Randine Lewis (2022)

This ground-breaking text guides readers in interpreting and evaluating lab results through the lens of Chinese medicine. Sharing decades of expert knowledge and experience, Randine Lewis bridges the gap between Chinese and Western medicine, translating biomedical labs into Chinese patterns that develop into disease states. This clear, consolidated approach allows practitioners to remain true to core principles grounded in healing.

“This text is a beautiful tapestry that weaves Randine’s detailed explanations of Chinese medicine concepts with her deep understanding of biomedical concepts and pathology results. All practitioners who read this book will absorb Randine’s knowledge and wisdom and enhance their relationship and understanding of both systems of medicine.”
– Dr Clare Pyers, BHSc(TCM), Cert Adv Clin Prac(China), Doctor of Chinese Medicine and author of Integrative TCM Guide to Pathology

“Randine Lewis moves deftly between classical texts and modern diagnostics to create a methodology for understanding a patient’s bloodwork within the framework of traditional Chinese medicine. The result is an illuminating book that is a joy to read and will become a much-loved resource for clinicians and students alike.”
– Jill Blakeway DACM, Author, Energy Medicine: The Science and Mystery of Healing

“Randine has found a way to elegantly weave the language of spirit, Chinese medicine and allopathic diagnostics together that does not confuse. Rather each of these aspects serve to illuminate the others, adding clarity while inviting our hearts to feel the resonances…”
– Sharon Weizenbaum, Director of White Pine Healing Arts Clinic and Educational Facility