About Dr. Lewis

Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure (2004), The Way of the Fertile Soul (2007), The Spirit of the Blood (2022), Birthing The Tao (2023) and Pharmaceutical Energetics (2024), has become a leading expert in female health with Chinese medicine around the world. She founded Houston’s Eastern Harmony Clinic, created The Fertile Soul Method, and teaches acupuncturists through her Continuing Excellence in Fertility Professionals program. Utilizing ancient Taoist wisdom, her revolutionary retreat process has transformed the lives of many thousands of women. She currently teaches doctorate programs in integrative Chinese medicine, speaks internationally, conducts healing retreats, and provides individual healing sessions.

Dr. Lewis is also devoted to deepening the profound wisdom of the Tao in powerful energetic and movement processes unique to women. They can stand alone as meditative movement exercises, or as a transformative healing journey through the body’s seven energetic levels.

Dr. Lewis has been sought as a leading expert on integrative and Chinese medicine in issues pertaining to her specialization in fertility, reproductive health, and autoimmune issues.

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