How GMOs Impact our Qi

Qi is the vital animating force of life. Without Qi there is no warmth, no vitality, no breath, no heartbeat, no life. We can divide the vital life force into three major categories: original qi, nutritive qi, and protective qi. Original qi is the primary energy necessary to give and sustain life. It is the basis of Kidney Qi, and makes up the entire Yin and Yang functions of the body. It gives rise to the reproductive and primary organ functions. Once this Original Qi combines with the energy we receive from food and breath, it is refined into two other functional categories: Nutritive Qi, and Protective Qi. Nutritive Qi is similar to Blood, and circulates through the meridians, feeding and nourishing the internal organs. Protective Qi is a little more surface, traveling throughout the skin, muscles, and mucous membranes, keeping us protected from the outside world.
Although they all function together as a whole:

  • Original Qi is essential to core functions and reproduction.
  • Nutritive Qi is crucial to deliver nutrients and energy throughout the internal organs.
  • Protective Qi defends us from external influences and pathogenic factors.
  • We could say that the Nutritive Qi is the pivot between the Original and Protective Qi.

With this basic introduction to the three different qualities of the vital life force, let’s introduce the topic of genetically modified foods like most of the corn and soy on the market. In making the plant hardier, it is genetically engineered to have greater protective effects against pests, and a greater ability to withstand the effects of pesticides. In other words, it strengthens its protective Qi. These genetically modified plants, however, are no longer able to reproduce. So farmers have to purchase new seeds with the capacity to seed.

When we view this scenario through an energetic lens, we find that the genetically modified plant has sacrificed its original Qi for extra Protective qi, while retaining the ability to provide its nutritive function. Laboratory animals seemed healthy and without any untoward effects after 90 days on GMO diets. Because of this, the Department of Agriculture gave GMOs their stamp of approval.

However, four, six or 18 months later, the laboratory animals had challenges reproducing, developed alterations in their ability to suppress tumors, and developed overactive immune systems. Similarly, many of our reproductive and immune issues stem from alterations in our environment. Pesticides, pollutants, and dietary toxins all contribute to ovarian problems, poor sperm production, autoimmune diseases, implantation failure, endometriosis, and fibroids.

What can you do? The Spleen Qi diet recommends the avoidance of sugar, refined carbohydrates (especially wheat), and dairy. Add corn and soy that have not been labeled “non-GMO” to this list. Eat organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and non-GMO grains as much as possible. Try to avoid farm raised fish and animals that have been fed GMO grains as well. While it may sound daunting, this type of eating plan reduces the likelihood of infertility, inflammatory processes, diabetes, and cancer.